World Cruise

A world cruise is truly an incredible journey because the entire world awaits your discover.  The ship covers at least three major oceans, dozens of different seas and visits exotic ports of call on six continents.  It also transits the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal and sails through the Strait of Gibraltar.  The experience of a world cruise includes scores of different cultures and walks the paths of some of the most influential events in history.  Each port of call has opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, adventure and cultural immersion.

A full circumnavigation of the globe usually begins from the east coast of the United States and always sail in a westbound direction.  A typical itinerary will follow the following pattern: The departure may sail from New York City, and then sail south along the US Atlantic coast to the Caribbean.  After a few ports of call, the ship will transit the Panama Canal and continue up the west coast of Central America and Mexico and the west coast of the United States.  From there, the ship will sail west into the open Pacific Ocean and probably makes ports of call in Hawaii and other South Pacific Islands including French Polynesia.  Now it is just a short distance to New Zealand and Australia.  Indonesia and Southeast Asia is next on the list before continuing on to India.

After crossing the Indian Ocean the ship usually makes a few stops along the southern side of the Arabian Peninsula.  Sometimes ports along the east coast of Africa, including Madagascar, will be offered.  The ship then sails north through the Red Sea and transits the Suez Canal.  Upon exiting the ship will tour some of the finest cities in the Mediterranean and Western Europe.  The last leg is a Trans-Atlantic crossing back to New York.

Ports of call: You name it…they have it.

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