European Tour

Of all the global destinations possible a European adventure opens your senses to a diversity of experiences.  Choose from explorations to a variety of regions that include everything from historical old world splendor to cosmopolitan hubs offering some of the greatest culinary and shopping opportunities anywhere.

Travelers to central Europe  will find some of the most famous icons of western civilization .  Among the most popular points of interest is France with its charming countryside,  renowned wine regions and the shining lights of Paris where visitors take in the grandeur of Notre Dame Cathedral, view the treasures of the Louvre Museum, stroll the gardens of nearby Versailles and ascend the Eiffel Tower to capture breathtaking scenes one of the world’s most glamorous cities. And when it comes to scenery there’s few landscapes that rival the majesty of Switzerland’s Alps and the captivating cities of Zurich, Lugano and Lucerne.

Further featuring Central Europe are itineraries that include the jewels of historical Imperial Europe including Prague with its Astronomical Clock and the 1,000 year old Hradcany Castle, as well as, Budapest, Berlin and Vienna where you’ll find landmarks that include Schonbrunn Palace, St. Stephens Cathedral and the famous concert hall.

Dipping south to the Mediterranean you can choose to explore the picturesque settings of Spain.  Among the places to take in is metropolitan Madrid with its museums and palaces, the spirited port city of Barcelona, the towering sights of Gibraltar and famous sun worshipper beaches stretching along the Costa del Sol.

For the quintessential European experience there’s the sights, flavors and sound of Italy. Here you can tailor a vacation memory that spans from the tranquil hills of Tuscany to the beauty of coastal Naples. Among its most sought after havens is the Renaissance flavored city of Florence,  Pompeii with its excavated ruins and Pisa, home of the  extraordinary Leaning Tower.  Of course, no excursion through Italy is complete without a stay in the bustling hub of Rome with its famous ancient ruins, chapels and legendary museums.

Finally, there’s the northern Scandinavian capitals of Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.    And what better way to cap off a Northern Europe tour than a stop in Russia at St. Petersburg and Moscow where sightseers are treated to encounters with St. Issacs Cathedral, Catherine Palace and Red Square with its famed building of Moorish architecture.

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