Avalon River Cruise – Vienna

I can not say enough about the staff on this cruise. Everyone is so helpful, you don’t have to lift a finger. One amenity that I am really enjoying is the coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte machine, still trying to adjust to the time difference.

Vienna is a beautiful city, lots of history but still very metro. Since we docked outside the city center the included tour is a combination of walking and motorcoach. This tour was nice because you got to hear the history, see the sights. Total is was about 3 hours. A visit to Stephansdom was included on this tour, it was very busy. It’s sad how much this church was damaged during the war.

There are cafes everywhere in this city, they drink an average of a liter of coffee a day. So, when visiting you have to take time to enjoy a cup of coffee at a local cafe.

After the city tour I did an optional tour of “Biking in Vienna”, I highly recommend this tour, it is a little strenuous because you are riding for about 2 hours, the total tour is 3 hours but, we made a few stops. I enjoyed this excursion because you get to see real local Vienna. We stopped at the amusement park (reminded me of a carnival but it is permanent), we rode through the parks, and around the city. Biking and walking are definitely the way people get around in Vienna. We stopped through out the city in different areas. One area was the city center and by riding along the bridge you could see where Vienna was bombed during the war, there are new buildings along the bombing path. We also stopped in the park at a local cafe for a break and drink, it was nice to warm up. My favorite part was riding down the river on a pedestrian or bike only path lined with beautiful homes and restaurants.

After all my day activities tonight they offered an optional tour concert – the “Royal Waltz Concert” It was played at the beautiful Viennese Palace. The band played different pieces from Strauss and Mozart while others either sang or danced. It was a nice ending to a long day.

They offered another additional tour visiting the Schonbrunn Palace, those I spoke to who went said it was beautiful and definitely worth going to see.

The only thing about booking yourself as busy as I did today was not getting any free time to explore the city on my own so, I will definitely be back to Vienna in the future.

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