Avalon River Cruise – Packing

When I first booked this river cruise my fears immediately went to packing…how was I going to pack for a 14 day river cruise in 1 bag that had to be 50 lbs or less??? Then it was going to be in the 60’s so, no Florida like clothes…that’s jean, long sleeve shirts, and jacket weather, all heavier types of clothing. Well after all the worrying I was able to do it with the help of space bags and my carry on. Actually my checked bag only ended up being 46 lbs…Yay! One thing I had to accept while packing was I am going to have to wear some things twice…pants, leggings, jeans, etc. Oh and shoes…only one pair of heals for dinner, my sneakers (which I will wear on the plane), and a pair of Toms (very light shoes). Since the Avalon supplies L’Occtaine toiletries I didn’t pack these types of things. They also supply a hair dryer so, that was something else I didn’t have to worry about. In my carry on I had a little pre-packaged toiletry kit (deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.) in case my luggage was late or lost, 2 outfits, and my medications and vitamins. Then I had my personal bag which had my tablet, my reader, and some magazines. On my way home I will pack these things in my carry on and use my personal bag for souvenirs and gifts. So, that was my packing experience for this trip. Next, the flights, I hope that goes smoothly…

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