Avalon River Cruise – Budapest

The ride from the airport was about 30 minutes. When we arrived at the Intercontinental our cruise director came on to the motorcoach to welcome us and explained what was going to be happening the rest of the day. At the intercontinental they had a room set up for us with table, chairs, coffee, tea, water. It was just the pick me up I needed after hours of traveling. They also have a table set up where you can book optional excursions. Since I arrived around 12:00 pm after a little rest and coffee I went out to explore the city since we were not leaving to be transferred to the boat till 3:45 pm. The Intercontinental is located right at the beginning of the Chain Bridge, which is one of the bridges that connect Buda and Pest, I was on the Pest side. I walked over the Chain Bridge and then started walking up to the Castle Hill, I recommend doing this, I didn’t get up all the way but, the view of the city is amazing. Walking across the bridge and up a little to Castle Hill took about 1.5 hours, it was just what I needed to keep going and not wanting to fall asleep.

The transfer to the boat was about 10 minutes. With only 159 guests on-board checking in a simple and easy. All you do is give them your passport, they give you your key, and then someone walks you to your room, very nice service. Our luggage was waiting for us in our room, which we didn’t have to touch since boarding the transfer to the Intercontinental. You have time to get ready for the evening, smart casual (no jeans). They hold a mandatory safety exercise, again simple and quick compared to ocean cruising. It’s then off to a welcome reception, going over what to expect during your vacation with canapes and sparkling wine served. Next is dinner, which is 4 courses with options every night.

After dinner they have an optional tour of the City Lights – this is beautiful. All of Budapest’s bridges are lit up, along with the church, and parliament building. You can try to see this on your own but, the boat is docked aways from the center of all the lights. If you decide to stay on-board they have entertainment in the Lounge and every night. Next we have a full day in Budapest.

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