Avalon River Cruise – Bratislava, Slovakia

This area has a tremendous amount of history and has been through so much. During the included tour it was part motorcoach and part walking. While on the motorcoach the tour guide explained the history of this area and showed us points of interest. During the tour we stopped at fort, which was a church and has a few pieces of the church in the architecture. Next, we stopped at the cathedral of St. Mary. This church was built on top of a cemetery and they have an area of the floor cut out where the bones of a grave is visible. You have free time to visit the treasure room or the crypt, I chose the crypt, that isn’t anything you get to see in the States. It’s a very steep set of stairs you have to use to get down there, at first it’s a little eerie but then you get use to it.

You then get to walk around town with your guide and see many statues and building significant to their history. Many many restaurants with outdoor sitting and shops. During the summer and on the weekends it’s nearly impossible to get a seat. Other than the history, I wasn’t too impressed with this city, they have been through a lot and have re-built many times but, it’s still very poor. If one takes the light walking tour they use a tram to get you around the city to see the sights. If you would like to do some shopping and eating you have plenty of free time.

I had the light lunch on-board today, it was very nice. They had a selection of salads, soups, a pasta, a sandwich, and few desserts. This is what the light lunch entails daily, they also offer a lunch buffet with many choices and some regional. We had local entertainers come on-board for a concert – they were great.

Though it wasn’t one of my favorites, I did get a better appreciation of this city from the river as we sailed away at night. You really get to see the fort and the fort wall all lit up at night and it is absolutely beautiful. During the tour the tour guide spoke about the fort wall but it was really hard to understand where it began and ended until sailing by it at night.

Next stop Vienna.

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